Flight Reviews

Flight Reviews

This page will contain links to the various flight reviews I have done.

Singapore Airlines -  A great way to fly!

a. SQ 322 - Singapore to London - Business Class
b. SQ 321 - London to Singapore - Business Class (including SQ Heathrow Lounge)
c. Singapore Changi Terminal 3 Silver Kris Lounge
d. Singapore to Dubai (2011)
e. Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (2014)
f. Singapore to London 2014
g. London to Singapore 2014

Emirates A380
a. Singapore to Dubai to London, including Shake Shack Burger at Dubai International Airport 
b. Rome to Dubai to Colombo to Singapore.

Here is my flight review video playlist on Youtube.

Tiger Airways
a. Singapore to Hong Kong International
b. Hong Kong International to Singapore (upcoming)

British Airways
a. London to Rome (FCO)

a. LX 178 & LX 1726 - Singapore to Zurich to Rome
b. LX 179 & LX 1733 - Rome to Zurich to Singapore

Silk Air
a. Singapore to Kota Kinabalu and back (2012)

a. Scoot from Singapore to Sydney, Australia and back
b. Scoot from Singapore to Bangkok
c. Scoot from Bangkok to Singapore
d. Scoot from Singapore to Hong Kong (Boeing 787-9)
e. Scoot from Hong Kong to Singapore (Boeing 787-9)

Cathay Pacific 
a. Shanghai to Hong Kong (2011)

Dragon Air
a. Shanghai to Hong Kong (2012)

a. Singapore to Bangkok and back (2013)

Austrian Arrow
a. Helsinki to Vienna (Economy) (2010)

Dragon Air




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